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Drive in Bali – Police Stop Tips

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Police Search in Bali

If you drive in Bali, you will see 2 kind of officer on the street. One with grey uniform is the officer from Traffic and Transportation Department, they don’t have any authority to stop you.

The other one with brown uniforms is the police, they have authority to stop and write you ticket or fine you.

Police stop is almost inevitable for tourist especially if you are “bule” or westerner or Caucasian. If you are Asian you might get by as Indonesian. But even so lately they stop everyone. What they will check?

1. Your driving license – you should apply for International License here in Indonesia. International license supposed to be legit but it should be for scooter only, if it’s for the car and you drive scooter, they will fine you. Check our tip to get a driving license

2. Scooter license – they will check your scooter license as well even though you rent it. They will check the tax and validity on the license. If you have problem on rented scooter, call you’re the scooter rental, they are the one responsible for the scooter, not you.

3. Your attribute – basically, you have to where helmet and clasp it. Wear appropriate attire, do not drive wearing bikini or shorts only, this is still Indonesia not Europe.

4. Do not cross the traffic lights or stop on top of the zebra cross

5. Additional rules – you can’t listen to music or smoking while you are driving

So what happened when you are stop by the police

1. You have to be polite, you can argue but have to be polite. Do not yell and have a chit chat with the police always help

2. Police have authority to confiscate your license or scooter but it is better if you choose to settle with them on the spot. And here is the tricky part. Like what you may already heard, you can negotiate with police. Or if you want to get away, better have wallet with limited cash, so you can say, you only have that much

In Kuta area there are 3 street where police do search and stop everyone that pass by.

1. Patih Jelantik

2. Sunset Road in front of Havaianas

3. Sunset Road right before Transmart

In Sanur the stops usually in front of Hyatt Regency and on By Pass before Bali Mandara Hospital

If you know other places, let us know we will add it to this blog.

And remember if you have everything properly, the police doesn’t have any reason to fine you.

Happy Driving

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