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Drive in Bali – How to get driving license in Indonesia

Indonesia Driving License

Indonesia law require you to have driving license in order to drive in Indonesia. If you have International license you can drive in Bali. If not, you can make it here in Bali

Here is how

Driving License procedure

1. You have to go to Polresta Denpasar in west Denpasar near Kerobokan ( ) from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm. Be there as early as possible.

2. Document you have to bring:

a. Temporary living permit in Indonesia (you can get this from regional civil office)

b. Letter from local police that you can get by registering yourself in local office where you stay

c. Passport with valid visa

d. Photocopy ID card from your home country

e. Statement from doctor that you have good health and in good condition to drive

3. Go to locket and fill the form to pay for the license. There are 2 appointed Bank which is Bank Rakyat Indonesia and Bank International Indonesia

4. The cost for the license is:

a. SIM A = Rp.120.000

b. SIM C = Rp.100.00

c. International SIM = Rp.250.000

5. Fill all the form and go to assigned locket for foreigner which you will have t o give

a. Photocopy of your passport

b. Photocopy of driving license in home country

c. Photocopy of temporary registry

d. Proof of payment

e. Filled form

6. Next locket you will be asked to take photo and fingerprints digitally and sign

7. After everything is done you can wait for 30 to 45 minutes until your name is called to collect your license

Driving license for foreigner is only for 1 year. And tourist license is for 1 month max. And there is also a 1 day license for Rp.100.000

Happy Driving


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