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Drive in Bali – Scooter 101

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Scooter 101

After renting scooter for some time, we gather most frequent question.

So here it is

1. How to start the scooter? On every scooter, you have to lift up the standard stand in order to start the engine.

2. What to do when the key hole is close? If you look at your scooter key has square magnet, you have to put in the key hole and turn to open it

3. What fuel is best for the scooter? Any fuel at fuel station beside Solar or BioDiesel is good for the scooter. If you want to travel far you should get Pertamax Turbo, more power.

4. Where to fill the fuel? There are fuel station at almost most of the major street in Bali. There also heaps of fuel stall that sell fuel in vodka bottle, it’s fairly safe but we suggest you to fill it in official fuel station

5. How much is it to fill scooter? If you have small scooter like Scoopy, Vario, it is about Rp.25.000-Rp.30.000 to fill it up completely. For Nmax is about Rp.50.000 – Rp.75.000 to fill it up completely

6. Who should I call if my tire is flat? You can call us and wait because obviously we need time to reach you and prepare. Or if you are far away you can ask the local where to fill up the air because Indonesian are very helpful and they will help you for sure.

7. I accidentally lock my key in the compartment, what should I do? Yes that’s happened too. Call us and we will deliver the spare key for you. Just be patient, it may take some time

8. Do I need license to drive scooter? Yes, you should have international license or Indonesian License, click here for more information

So happy driving and be safe out there

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