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Drive in Bali – On The Road 101

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

On The Bali Road Tips and Trick

If you come from other country other than South East Asia region, you might be shock the first time you come to Bali. Street looks like no rules and regulation, chaos, but somehow there is almost no accident. And you might be surprise, on the tourist area, almost all accident involve tourist who are not familiar with our unspoken rules. So here is some tips for you to drive safely here in Bali

1. No sign and no light means you have to be aware of all your surroundings.

2. Sign and light, you still have to be aware of all your surroundings. Indonesian driver always trying to push and cut on every corner and every opportunity to get ahead. If you are lucky you will find someone who will give way for you

3. If you are slow, do not drive in the middle, you will be honked and people will over take you which sometimes make you even more nervous. Try to drive on the left especially if you are on scooter.

4. If you are on scooter, have fun on traffic jam, this is the moment you shine, you can get ahead by slipping here and there, just be careful with cars and other scooters.

5. Driving on the pedestrian is a big no but you will see a lot of Indonesian do it on the street especially on the narrow street. Follow at your own risk, just follow the scooter ahead of you

6. Police search is inevitable if you are westerner or what we called bule. Click our tips how to handle police in Bali here

7. Last but not least do not drink and drive. This is the worse traffic for you to drive drunk.

Indonesian traffic is crazy for some people but if you can handle it’s like a well function machine. One of our customer ever said to us, because the traffic has no rules, everyone aware of their surrounding and more cautious on the road, the accident happened here is minimal and not big accident. In western country where rules applied so strictly, everyone follow the rule, once someone break it, big accident happened and it is life threatening.

So have fun driving and be safe or HATI-HATI

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